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Nixie Tube Display

Well, it’s been a couple months in the making, but I finally got my Nixie Tube Display working. There’s tons of details on the projects page, accessible here, but here’s a couple movies of it working, and me explaining it.

Early Nixie Tube Test

[videos after the break]

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Reel-to-Reel Restoration

I was recently gifted a fancy old-timey reel-to-reel audio player and a pile of reels which go with it. After some fiddling, disassembly, more fiddling, giving up, more fiddling, cleaning, and eventually finding the right spring that needs a bit more pressure, we got it to make some noise that roughly resembles a slightly too-fast or too-slow version of the things on the reels. Here’s some pictures of it. Hopefully we can do something exciting with it in the future.

[more images after the break]

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