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Major Update and Plans for the Future

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates the last month. We’ve been busy working on all our various projects. I’ll try to keep up-to-date in the future with current pictures of our projects and plans. Enjoy the heaping piles of pictures from the last two months we have for you to see posted below!

Since last the page was updated, we’ve made some organizational changes here at tT. We’ve moved the start time of Arduino Night from 5PM on Saturday nights to 6PM on Saturday nights. This is basically when people have been showing up anyways, so the change is just to match reality. We encourage anyone who’s interested to come down and have a look around, bring their projects or ideas and share them with everyone. It’s usually a fun time, with lots of cool projects, people, old-school gaming systems, and random silliness.

We’re also intending in the near future (or so Deven keeps telling me…) to update the website to have a store which will allow us to sell our Minimalist Arduino kits to anyone willing to pay for shipping in addition to the price of the kit. Currently we only sell them here at tT in Provo, but keep an eye out for this store to appear here soon.

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