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Mr. Exposure – Progress

For those that have been around in the last couple weeks you have probably seen hints of a PCB exposure box. Here are a couple pictures of the progress. This week we did SUCCESSFULLY expose, develop, and ETCH a test board. This process was sped along with the help of the beginnings of our new friend Mr.Exposure. Whom is currently about 80% complete. (We still need to etch his timing circuits and add his decals.)

For those interested here are the ‘Mr.Exposure’ specifics:
2) 250 watt halogens (UV filters removed)
2) Separate, Fused TRIAC control circuits
Able to expose single or double sided boards up to about 7″x9″
Will be controlled by a arduino or atiny. (total overkill, I know)
Exposes pre-sensitized boards in about 4-6 minutes
Cut/Routed from 1/2″ MDF

The total cost was around $40 (including minimalist arduino / etc). We could get this down to about $30, but where is the fun in that?

[more images after the break]

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