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Diavolino – As sweet as it is EVIL! BWAHAHAHAAHA

We recently got a shipment of the new Diavolino PCB’s from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. We coupled the Diavolino with one of our Minimalist Kits and a couple spare parts from around the lab. We assembled it in a ‘permanent for shields’ / ‘tinkering’ format

I would suggest a couple changes for version 2, but we can save that for another day. All in all this is a pretty sweet board and it’s PERFECT for most of our Arduino projects. ( I won’t post the downsides as much of it may be personal preference, and this is a good board. )

Now go visit EMSL and order a couple! If you need the FTDI programmer I suggest Modern Device, though the programmer at EMSL should do fine.

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