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We’re being discovered

We had the pleasure of having some organizers of Craft Lake City visit the Transistor and they made this excellent video about us.

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Visitors from the Chaos Computer Club

We had the pleasure of having Sebastian and Daniel from C3D2 Dresden in Germany come visit us at the transistor a few weeks ago.

They were really great to have. We quite enjoyed their visit, as they taught us a few new skills, and we all had a fantastic time.

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CANCELED: College of Lockpicking: September 17th

Sorry for the late update folks, but it appears that the people presenting the class have had something or other come up. I apologize to all that made plans to come down this weekend, we are hopeful that they will stop by in the future!

Eric from Pumping Station: One is coming down this coming Saturday (the 17th) to give a workshop on lockpicking. The class will be between $20 and $50 dollars (details below), and is open to all that would like to attend.

College of Lockpicking is a hands-on workshop that includes approximately an hour of instructor-led lecture and an hour of participant-led workshop, including the history and development of pin-tumbler locks, a full breakdown of how a pin-tumbler lock works, introduction and tutorial with the pick tools, and a slew of videos on bump keys, destructive entry methods, decoders, Medeco picking, electronic locks, bike locks, car locks, and more. In our experience, everyone opens a lock at College of Lockpicking!

Details are still being worked out, buy you can expect a $20 door fee, and 10-piece custom lockpick sets available for $30. Participants sign up prior to the event at an EventBrite page (link coming soon), where they can register for either the whole package, or just the door fee if they already have some lockpicks.

More details coming soon!

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CMKT 4 Visits theTransistor… and ROCKS!

We recently had the pleasure of having CMKT 4 visit our hackerspace.

They are touring around the U.S. right now and offering workshops complete with electronic kits and AWESOME live music (ask for the song about Waffles!) for the fantastic price of $15. This is helping to fund their trip, and is EASILY worth it. If you get the chance to attend one of their workshops, DO IT ! Here’s their schedule.

Thanks again guys, everyone had a great time.

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Transistor Contact Mic Workshop

Join the members of the circuit-bent rock band CMKT4 for a workshop on building your very own EconoMIC Bottle Cap Contact Microphone (from Creme DeMentia). CMKT 4 will show you how to solder up a piezo-electric pickup and house it sturdily in a recycled bottle-cap housing of their own design! Stick around for music from the band as the tool-handle dip on your freshly built contact microphone dries. Additional take-home kits and other surprises will be available, come build a mic and see and hear some of the circuit-bent instruments you’ve read about on up close. Bring your own instruments and objects to amplify!

The workshop is $15, additional kits will be on sale for $10, and we’ll have fully assembled mics in several varieties for sale as well. We’ll have some other fun goodies also. Interested onlookers are encouraged to donate if they don’t want to build a kit.

CMKT 4 are Austin Cliffe, Zach Adams, and Jeff Cox. The circuit-bent / rock trio has made it their mission to leave no hackerspace behind on their way to their next Maker Faire; they want to bring new devices, sounds, and ideas to your town. They are constantly working to make new and interesting devices and music.

You can find them at

Workshop Details:
Contact Microphone Workshop and Performance
The Transistor
560 S 100 W
Provo, UT 84601
$15, 7pm

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GMC and Kyle visit

Recently we were visited by some road tripping makers who went by the names of GMC and Kyle one Saturday evening in early November. They shared many stories of their adventures across the US with us, and we shared our hackerspace with them. There’s some discussion of their visit in our forums for those who are interested, as well as a picture of the two below. Thanks again for making us a part of your hackerspace road trip experience!

Koen and Kyle on a Road Trip

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Maui Makers visits theTransistor

You may remember this post when we were visited by the Maui Makers. I happened across some pictures of the visit and thought I’d share them here.

Maui Makers Visit

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Maui Makers Visits theTransistor

A couple months ago we had the pleasure of having the founder of Maui Makers visit our space. This is their story.
Maui Makers

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