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Shutting Down

We are shutting down. At least for a while.

The SLC Location will become a new hackerspace; keep your eyes out here for updates if you are interested.

The Orem space will be closed entirely for at least 3-6 months if not longer. If we choose to re-open it will likely be a much smaller location and will probably be in the American Fork / Lehi Area; we’ll post updates here.

Thanks again to everyone that helped make the last 5 years a total blast! We’ll keep the IRC channels and member-VM(s) active, and we’ll see you after the break! :)


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Darlington Merging with SLC Transistor

cncDue to “slowness” and issues beyond our control, we are temporarily merging our Darlington Chapter with our SLC Chapter. The current Darlington location will no longer be accessible to members.

This does not mean that Darlington is not viable, (as both the SLC and Orem Chapters are experiencing record growth) and we hope at some point to re-open Darlington as a full stand-alone hackerspace with a full tool-shop. For those interested, keep an eye out here for news of this.

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November 14th Free, Public SLC Event

Free (SLC) Class: Lockpicking
2012/11/13 @ 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm
Presenting: DC801
Come down and learn the age-old DEFCON tradition of lockpicking. Presented by DC801. You are welcome to bring your pick sets and locks if you have them.

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November 10th Free, Public SLC Event

Free (SLC) Event: DEFCON Talk Night
2012/11/10 @ 8:00 pm – 2:00 am
Presenting: DC801
Was there a talk at Defcon that you may have missed because you were passed out in the HHV? It happens to the best of us. Well, this is the night you can make up for that. There has been a poll up on for a little while asking you what Defcon talks you would like to see. Tonight is the night where we do that. Bring some beer, popcorn, and some cookies because this will be fun!

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SLC Transistor – Last call for founding members

Last call for founding members for this space. Those of you holding out waiting for exact details now have them. We have finally signed the lease and made the initial payments on our newest location. This time in downtown SLC. That isn’t to say you can’t join later, you just won’t get the bragging rights. (And possibly some other cool things that may or may not happen.)

And yes, we know, TWO new locations opening at the same time. We are VERY excited, and VERY swamped. :P

OPEN DATE: November 1, 2012. You have until Halloween to become a founding member.
ADDRESS: 440 SOUTH 700 EAST Unit #102 – SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH 84102
LOCATION: “Great location on 7th East in SLC, 1/2 block from the 4th South TRAX station and the 7th East Whole Foods, just steps away from the new Trader Joe’s.”
SIZE / LAYOUT: 1000 sq. ft. Divided into 3 rooms. One large meeting / general purpose room and two smaller rooms.
BATHROOMS: Shared with the rest of the building.


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Our first CTF

We had the opportunity to participate in our first CTF competition in Salt Lake this last Saturday. It was a lot of fun, we learned quite a bit about employing and defending against exploits through actual application.

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SLC Transistor – Founders Meeting Recap

As promised, here’s a quick recap of the Initial Interest Meeting. I know it’s a little later then I said, sorry guys and gals.

First off, thanks to everyone that came out to show interest and support. For those wondering: I think there were just under 20 people that attended.

From the meeting, it looks like we easily have the interest we need to found this new Chapter of TheTransistor. SLC Transistor “is a go”. Over the next couple weeks we will be collecting pledges and looking for suitable spaces in Salt Lake City. As planned, we will be looking for an open Office Space type of layout in “proper” Salt Lake City, close to public transportation and I15.

In order to determine the size of space we will need (likely 1000 – 5000 sq.ft) we need everyone interested to fill out the pledge form. We know there will be at least 10 founding members, and could easily be as many as 30. We absolutely need everyone interested to fill out the pledge form, the initial founding group will determine the size and quality of the space we will be leasing. Pledges will be collected when we have found a space and are ready to sign the lease.

This new Chapter will be focused on Information Security and Software Development. As such, you can expect a large variety of hardware, books, internet, and so on to be accessible from this hackerspace 24x7x356. You will also gain access to the other Transistor locations and the tools, people, and resources there. Core interests in the attending group included:

  • Security, Information and Physical (lockpicking, etc)
  • Routers, Switches, Firewalls, Servers, etc
  • Ruby, Javascript, C++, PHP, etc
  • Metaploit, Wireshark, Nessus, NMap, Netcat, and so on
  • Linux, BSD, Unix, (even windows), etc
  • Arduino, Pic, Arm, Propeller, etc
  • Automotive, Microbrewing, etc

In order to coordinate this effort, we have set up a public mailing list which we will use to discuss this space. As with all Transistor Chapters, these efforts are collaborative. This space will be whatever the members set up. I encourage everyone to sign up for the SLC Transistor Mailing List.

This effort to bring our community a new central hub is going to working directly with the local Salt Lake DEFCON Chapter, DC801. We are hoping to get this hackerspace more involved with the other local security and software groups in the valley.

This Chapter will also be holding public meetings. This will include theme nights, classes, CTF events, and other projects. These will be ran by the DC801 group. You can reach them on freenode at #DC801, or on reddit. I highly encourage everyone to attend the DC801 meetings. It’s a fun and very knowledgeable group.

CLOSED. Contact Us to set up a regular membership.

If you or your company would like to help us out please email contact[at]thetransistor[dot]com. For general questions / comments / etc, please direct them to the mailing list where they can be viewed and answered by everyone.

If you know people or groups that would be interested in this Transistor Chapter, please point them our way.

Thanks to everyone that has helped build the IT / Hackerspace / Makerspace community. And thanks to everyone that attended. We’re excited to see where this goes!

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tT:SLC Interest Meeting

We can’t seem to stop growing! (And we LOVE that.)
Recently, we have filled BOTH our Provo AND Midvale locations! And while we are looking into options to find larger spaces for both, we have decided to add ANOTHER expansion to our list!

There have been a couple people asking if this is a public meeting. This is a Public Meeting, please show up if you are interested. Please bring any friends, family, acquaintances, etc that are interested as well. :)

If you are interested in joining a downtown SLC hackerspace with focus on Information Security (InfoSec), computers, and electronics then you NEED to come to our PUBLIC meeting to gauge interest and start the hunt for a suitable location.

Here are the details on this upcoming meeting:
WHEN: Thursday, September 27th at 7:00pm
WHERE: Darlington Extension of theTransistor in Midvale

Some of the requirements and hopes for this space include:
Working directly with the Salt Lake DEFCON group DC801
24x7x365 Access
24x7x365 Access to our Provo Location, and all the tooling available there.
Good internet connection
Dedicated Rack for servers, network gear, etc.
Infosec Library (books, equipment)
Demo Equipment (servers, routers, switches, firewalls, etc)
Public Classes (with streaming capabilities)
CTF Games! (hosted and ran by DC801)
Office-Type Space (no warehouse) with an open layout.
Kitchen, Rest Room, Conference rooms
Close to the freeway. Easy, fast access.

Email: contact [at] thetransistor [dot] com
IRC: Freenode, #dc801 or #utahmakers

There are a lot of great ideas, and a lot of people involved in making this happen. (We estimate 10-30 founding members.)

If you are even remotely interested, come to this meeting and lets get this group off on the right foot. Don’t forget to bring any questions you might have. As with everything we do, this will be ruled by popular opinion.

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