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3D Print Place

I received an email from some awesome people over in the Netherlands. They are launching a collaborative site which looks absolutely fun. Here’s the ‘meat’ of the email.

“My name is Danny and my associate’s name is Sebastian. We are two recent college grads who caught the 3D printing bug and believe that 3D printing is going to explode and revolutionize the way we live our lives. We can’t wait to see the transformation take place, so we setup 3D Print Place to help facilitate this change. 3D Print Place is designed to make 3D Printing more accessible to home users, academic institutions, and small businesses, by serving as a one-stop-shop for all your 3D Printing needs. The platform is entirely fueled by user-to-user collaboration – the community creates content and value, the website solely provides the necessary infrastructure to simplify user interaction. We recently launched to the general pubic at the 3D Printing Event ( in the Netherlands on October 25th and now are looking for enthusiastic people in the 3D printing community to help improve our project.

You can check out the site by clicking on the link below.

We are in the process of reaching out to hacker spaces, engineering programs, and tech clubs around the world and think that TheTransistor could get a lot out of our beta site. It would mean a lot to me if you could pass on this e-mail to members of TheTransistor and to anyone else that you think might be interested in this collaboration project.”

Good luck Danny and Sebastian, the project looks absolutely wonderful. :)

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Hack This: 24 Incredible Hackerspace Projects from the DIY Movement

Hack This: 24 Incredible Hackerspace Projects from the DIY MovementI wanted to take a second to mention a fantastic book that was just released. This book has been “in the works” for about a year now.

The book is Hack This: 24 Incredible Hackerspace Projects from the DIY Movement by John Baichtal. It features 24 hackerspace projects and a few other sections on things like how to start your own hackerspace. It even includes a quick write up on theTransistor’s MAME cabinet.

Overall it really is a good book full of interesting projects from many hackerspaces. The best part is that right now you can pick up a copy over on Amazon for $15. I highly recommend this. :)

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Free Class: Introduction to Oscilloscopes

This coming Make: Provo (October 1, 2011 @ 4pm – 10pm) we will be giving a quick class on the basic usage(s) of the ever popular tool, The Oscilloscope.

This is a FREE, public class. We will start around 6:30, and should run between 30-60 minutes. We will have two oscilloscopes left out for the public to play with when we are done.

If there is interest we may do some additional classes on more advanced oscilloscope usage.

(And join us in November for our CNC machine basics class where we will cover 3d printers and cnc routers!)

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CANCELED: College of Lockpicking: September 17th

Sorry for the late update folks, but it appears that the people presenting the class have had something or other come up. I apologize to all that made plans to come down this weekend, we are hopeful that they will stop by in the future!

Eric from Pumping Station: One is coming down this coming Saturday (the 17th) to give a workshop on lockpicking. The class will be between $20 and $50 dollars (details below), and is open to all that would like to attend.

College of Lockpicking is a hands-on workshop that includes approximately an hour of instructor-led lecture and an hour of participant-led workshop, including the history and development of pin-tumbler locks, a full breakdown of how a pin-tumbler lock works, introduction and tutorial with the pick tools, and a slew of videos on bump keys, destructive entry methods, decoders, Medeco picking, electronic locks, bike locks, car locks, and more. In our experience, everyone opens a lock at College of Lockpicking!

Details are still being worked out, buy you can expect a $20 door fee, and 10-piece custom lockpick sets available for $30. Participants sign up prior to the event at an EventBrite page (link coming soon), where they can register for either the whole package, or just the door fee if they already have some lockpicks.

More details coming soon!

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Tim has completed the Prusa! Bill (the authority on 3D printers in Utah) came down to check it out and gave his seal of approval. The prints are already impressive quality.

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We’ve had some exciting new developments. Thanks to the efforts of our members, the transistor has acquired computers for the public work space!

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DEFCON – Pictures

Defcon was awesome. We had a lot of fun, learned a lot, and it was an excellent opportunity to see what other hackerspaces were doing.

More pictures after the break.

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The transistor is attending defcon! We have a limited amount of Transistor stickers we’ll be passing out so track us down if you’d like to score one.

Make: Provo Monthly

Starting September Make: Provo will be a monthly only event. We will no longer be doing a weekly public night at that point. We have updated the website calendar to reflect this. (There will be a once-a-month public Make: Provo meeting the first Saturday of each month.)

Here are some of the reasons why we have decided to switch to this model:
*** It is a lot of work to host a public night every Saturday (even though we currently don’t do a whole lot, we still have to make sure we are there, the doors are unlocked, etc)

*** We would rather have one “big” night once a month then several small nights.

*** This will give us more time to concentrate on our projects so we can show them off on the Make: Provo meetings.

*** We would like to extend the hours that Make: Provo runs. (details on the calendar)

*** We would like to start providing a free public electronics / science / etc demonstrations each month. This will help with that as we need planning time. If you are interested in teaching a class / giving a demonstration please contact us via email or PM on the forums. (Details will be posted a month in advance on the calendar)

As an example Septembers Make: Provo will include a 30-60 minutes class/demonstration on using the TI TLC5940 ic. You are encouraged to bring a MCU and some LED’s if you would like to play with one of ours for a couple hours.

As a side note: we have a nice new public desk area set up for you to set up your projects, and we are working on getting computers at all 8 stations. (We do have additional seating as needed.)

Please send questions / comments to deven [at]
Please send all flames / spam to tim [at]

Thanks Again,
tT Staff

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We’ve gotten quite a bit done at the transistor; this last week we completed the tables for the public work area, and it’s looking great.

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The great folks over at PJRC generously donated seven teensy 2.0 dev boards to The Transistor. We’re going to set them up in the public work area so visitors without a dev board can have an opportunity to try their hand at microcontroller development.

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After extensive planning and discussion we’ve been altering the layout of the transistor to better accommodate all the members while also making the space more inviting to visitors. It’s been a lot of work and there is still a lot to do, but we’re already seeing it all come together. The majority of it should be done within the next few weeks.

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Independence days

A lot is happening at the transistor. Because of the increase in members we’re once again altering the layout to better utilize the somewhat limited space we have. The process has been democratic, everyone has had great ideas, and thanks to Tim and Deven’s persistence we have a plan that everyone seems happy with.

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theTransistor Google Group

Join us on google groups at:

Or email the group at:

everyone AT thetransistor DOT com

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This past week we have been going through the various components generously donated to us recently, it’s time consuming but pleasant work. As we get an idea of what’s available it also serves as a source of inspiration for future projects.

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