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Darlington Merging with SLC Transistor

cncDue to “slowness” and issues beyond our control, we are temporarily merging our Darlington Chapter with our SLC Chapter. The current Darlington location will no longer be accessible to members.

This does not mean that Darlington is not viable, (as both the SLC and Orem Chapters are experiencing record growth) and we hope at some point to re-open Darlington as a full stand-alone hackerspace with a full tool-shop. For those interested, keep an eye out here for news of this.

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Darlington, The return of the class. CNC machining & home recording.

  Free (Midvale) Class: cnc and audio recording 2013/1/12 @ 7 pm – 8:30 pm Location: BastionTech Building 175W 7065 S Midvale, UT 84047 We have a giant cnc, so it’s time for a class on it. Our first class …

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Darlington is having a class!! arduino & soldering

Come learn things at the first ever Darlington public class.  On saturday, the 15th at our midvale location. We will be starting at 7:00 pm. This will be be an intro class for basic soldering and arduino.

  • Ted Goodell will be teaching an intro to arduino class. He will be covering everything you need to know to get started with arduino. Specifically the class will cover arduino programming, shields, some basic projects, helpful books, and helpful websites. Also, we would like to end the class with a brief discussion on micro-controllers for hobbyist use.


  • Isaac will cover an intro to soldering. We’ll be soldering led kits designed and built by darlington. So everyone will get a little glowy to take home. The kit will cost $3 so empty your bank account and build something cool.

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Join Darlington, our extension in Midvale

Oh noes! We need more members in our extension! While we do have a limited amount of space in our Midvale, Ut location, we need more members to help cover rent! If you would like a tour of Darlington, or are interested in joining Darlington, please send an email to

Enough with the crappy writing, details!

BastionTech Building
175W 7065 S
Midvale, UT 84047

Right off I15 and central to Salt Lake County!

Member Benefits:
24/7/365 Access to Darlington
24/7/365 Access to theTransistor! (no desk / personal space however)
Your own personal cubicle at Darlington!
Kitchen / Restroom Facilities
Work with other members to customize this awesome space
80mbps/80mbps fiber internet! (both wired and wireless access)
Hardware VPN to theTransistor Provo
Soldering stations and other tooling available at Darlington
(If you make friends with Isaac, he MAY let you use his massive 6×10 CNC router)
Access to theTransistor tools in Provo!

Membership at Darlington is $40 / month

Member Responsibilities:
Be awesome
Be respectful
Clean up after yourself

Other Notes:
There has been some question over the differences between the two spaces. I will do my best here to explain this.
– Darlington is an extension of theTransistor in Provo. Darlington is focused primarily on electronics, computers, software, InfoSec, etc; while theTransistor has more room for public classes, band saws, drill presses, laser cutters, larger work areas, and more.
– While a membership at Darlington DOES give you full access to theTransistor in Provo you will not have the option of getting a desk at the Provo location; you WILL however get your own personal cubicle at Darlington.
– Membership at theTransistor is almost full and does usually come with a personal desk, however it does not guarantee you access to Darlington; as Darlington has limited space.
– Darlington is a quieter workspace (though you can decide to make it loud if the members there would like) while theTransistor tends to have a bit of a ‘buzz’ going on whenever there is a large group there.

Again if you have any questions, would like a tour of Darlington, or would like a membership ASAP please shoot an email over to:


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Darlington Open House

Come join us as we celebrate the opening of our Midvale, Ut location! Festivities begin Saturday, June 16th 4:00pm-10:00pm.

Join us for Projects, Demonstrations, Hackerspace-made Root Beer (and possibly Liquid-Nitrogen Ice Cream) at our new Midvale location at the following address:
175 W. 7065 S.
Midvale, UT 84047

We’ll also have a few projects that we will be working on that the public is free to help out with, including a Fowkes Combat Wing from our very own Eric Fowkes. There will also be a number of past and current projects on display for everyone to view and ask the creators about, including:

– 3d Prusa Printer with the new Elefu control board!
– Large LED display
– Alex’s aluminum frame mini-CNC mill
– Other RC projects
– Misc. smaller projects

Come down to mingle and check out the new space. And don’t forget to bring a project to show off if you would like.

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