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Transistor Halloween 2012

Come one come all to The Transistor Halloween Party / Fundraiser.

We will have delicious foods, candies, movies, and video games. We are asking $10 registration to help us cover costs and to raise money for our new hackerspace!

Register via Eventbrite and we’ll see you there!

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Halloween Bonus Video!

I just found this video from the Halloween Party, so now you can all see where Unicorns gain their Powers. Enjoy.

[video after the break]

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Halloween Party Pics

Here are pictures from our Halloween Party in 2010!

Doctor Horrible

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Spooky Mummy Drink Dispenser

For our Halloween party this year Deven and Gordon decided to make a spooky drink dispenser. It featured a mummy and a cannibalized water cooler/heater jug assembly. We routed the hot pipes separately from the cold and served hot cider and cold punch. These are some of the build pictures.

Functioning Tubes

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