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TheTransistors Red Bull Challenge Entry

The Transistor recently (just a few days ago in fact!) entered in the 2012 Red Bull Creation Challenge. For this challenge we built a fully automated, pneumatic Can Dispenser, Drink Extractor, Drink Cooler, and Can Crushing machine. This ensures a constant stream of Energy Drinks / Caffeine for those late night projects at the hackerspace. ;)

The cans are loaded into the hopper (which holds roughly 16 cans) where they wait for you to press the dispense button. Once the button is pressed, all kinds of magic (errr science) happen. First a pneumatic ram drives a spear through the front-most can, causing it to drain into an aluminum pipe which is wrapped with 10 copper pipes that ice water is circulating through. This effectively cools the drink from room temperature to roughly 40 degrees or less in about 30 seconds (the time it takes the can to drain). From there your drink runs into another funnel and into your cup. Finally a second, larger pneumatic ram crushes the empty can and ejects it out the side. As the ram retracts, gravity automatically loads the next drink into place. (Thanks gravity!)

This project was completed over the course of 3 days. Video below. Thanks for watching!

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Free Class: RFID and the Arduino

parallax rfid
This coming Saturday we will be giving a quick class on the basic usage of RFID readers with the Arduino. We will give a basic overview of RFID, then move onto interfacing a reader with an Arduino, and finally look at some code.

This is a FREE, public class. We will start around 6:30pm on December the 3rd, and should run between 30-60 minutes.

Make: Provo is held the first Saturday of each month, unless otherwise noted. It runs from 4:00pm-10:00pm. We try to offer a free class each month that starts at 6:30pm and runs anywhere from a half hour to several hours. Bring your projects to show off and your questions to ask.

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The great folks over at PJRC generously donated seven teensy 2.0 dev boards to The Transistor. We’re going to set them up in the public work area so visitors without a dev board can have an opportunity to try their hand at microcontroller development.

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Introducing the Gorduino!

Peoples of the Internet, the Transistor is happy to introduce our first official board design release: The Gorduino. Designed by tT member Gordon Cooper, it is our favorite way to build a quick prototyping board out of one of our Minimalist Arduino Kits. Head over to the Project Page for schematic downloads and look below for pictures of the first production run of the Gorduinos.

The Original Gorduino

[more images after the break]

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Making of Zombie Laser Tag

While a bit late, here are some of the many pictures we have from the Zombie Defense game we did for the Take on the Machine competition back in October. Enjoy!

Zombie Gun Interior

[more images after the break]

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Take on the Machine – The Transistor

Enjoy! We promise to openSource everything once we get it a little more sorted. Pictures / build logs / parts lists / specifications will be posted soon. (Forgive the quick write-up.) While the game worked great, we do have future plans (hints below).

[video and build information after the break]

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Diavolino – As sweet as it is EVIL! BWAHAHAHAAHA

We recently got a shipment of the new Diavolino PCB’s from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories. We coupled the Diavolino with one of our Minimalist Kits and a couple spare parts from around the lab. We assembled it in a ‘permanent for shields’ / ‘tinkering’ format

I would suggest a couple changes for version 2, but we can save that for another day. All in all this is a pretty sweet board and it’s PERFECT for most of our Arduino projects. ( I won’t post the downsides as much of it may be personal preference, and this is a good board. )

Now go visit EMSL and order a couple! If you need the FTDI programmer I suggest Modern Device, though the programmer at EMSL should do fine.

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Nixie Tube Display

Well, it’s been a couple months in the making, but I finally got my Nixie Tube Display working. There’s tons of details on the projects page, accessible here, but here’s a couple movies of it working, and me explaining it.

Early Nixie Tube Test

[videos after the break]

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Eric’s Minimalist Arduino

Eric decided to build a Minimalist Arduino kit which we have here at tT and put it onto a board, so here it is in its simplicity.

[more image after the break]

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