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Planning meeting for new Hackerspace. :)

IMG_0045It’s time to start talking about getting our (Utah Co.) hackerspace running again. We need everyone that is interested to attend the meeting this Saturday. Details are below:



Location: UVU BRC (Thanks Victor!)
Date/Time: 2015/01/17 19:00 MT (GMT -7:00)

Topics up for discussion:
– Possible Locations
– Leadership Structure
– Other things directly relating to TheTransistor
BSidesSLC / OpenWest 2015
– Upcoming LAN Parties / Events / etc.

See you there!

P.S. Several of us will be going to Hot Pot afterwards, everyone that wishes to attend is invited. For those that haven’t been, it’s about $15/person (+Tip) and WELL worth it.

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Meetup this Saturday in Orem

IMG_0938_wIt’s a long overdue meetup with very little notice. (Did you expect any less?). :P

Join us for an awesome night of Projects and Presentations. This is a public event. Bring your friends, family, etc. We’ll bring down a couple Soldering Irons for people to use. You bring your project to work on (or just yourself if you want).

We will also be holding very short (5-10 minute) impromptu talks for anyone that has something hacker-related they would like to present on (InfoSec, *nix, Lock Picking, Electronics, Software Dev., etc). We’ll have power and internet available. Hot Pot run may also happen.

Saturday, October 11, 2014
5:00 PM to 12:00 AM

UVU Business Resource Center
815 West 1250 South, Orem, UT

See Also:

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LAN Party

lpWe still don’t have a dedicated hackerspace, but that won’t keep us from having some fun. This LAN party is open to anyone and everyone. Here are the details that we have so far:

Saturday, July 26th Noon-Midnight
We have a couple possible locations right now, as well as one possible confirmed. We’ll keep you posted, but wanted to get the word out first.
As always, it’s whatever you want to play, but we will try to have servers for TF2, Quake3, and UT3/2004.
BYOSnacks and some $$$ for food. We are talking about a possible Pizza Order or Hot Pot run.

Keep your eye here, or sign up on our mailing list for updates.

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Shutting down for a while. :(


Firstly, I want to express my deepest thanks to everyone who put an effort into trying to make our new hackerspace happen.

That said, I am sad to say that I have bad news. TheTransistor is going to have to keep it’s door closed for another year or two.

The main space we had arranged fell through. We came close to raising the amount needed and several people stepped up (THANK YOU!), but the landlords (a very old couple) just didn’t want “hackers with soldering irons” as tenants. They had given us a counter offer last year, which we raised our offer to meet, but they had just decided that we weren’t fit for their space.

At this point (about a week ago) we started frantically looking for a new space that would work and also meet our financial goals. We looked at a lot of places, but most didn’t fit our needs or were too expensive.

Today, we revisited a building that had three possible suites in it that were for lease. We were told that all three were available. We picked out two options (as the third didn’t have 24×7 access, which was a must). We were told we would be able to move into one of them for sure (both have been vacant for over two years), and that we could move in by July 1st.

Then, literally AS I was writing the email to inform everyone of the good news, we heard back from the Realtor. BOTH spaces were leased out in the last few weeks, and the owner hadn’t notified the Realtor.

At this point, we’re taking it as a sign that this isn’t going to work out this year. The timing is really bad as the core group has several security-related conventions and other commitments we need to attend to in the next month or two. After that the holidays hit. We are afraid we will need to wait until at least February to give this another attempt.

All commitments / prepayments will be refunded tonight. If you would like to stay informed on future going-ons (we do plan on doing some meetings / LAN parties between now and whenever we finally get another space), please sign up for our (newly public) mailing list:

Thanks again to everyone that has put effort into this. We hope to see you around,

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Damn the man, save the empire!

If you’ve been on the fence about joining; If you want to be a part of an awesome hackerspace; If you want to help support an awesome community; If you want to learn or teach Electonics, Penetration Testing, Information Security, Programming, Robotics, etc; We need your help now!

For the next 3 weeks, we are collecting commitments for members to join our next iteration of theTransistor hackerspace. We are looking for members that can commit at least $50/mo for 12 months.

Most of the details are included in our previous post:

If you are ready to join, you can make your commitment at the following link:

In the event that we reach our goal, we should be setting up July 1st; and your commitment will apply to your LAST months payment. This means that on July 1, members that have committed will be required to make their first months payment.

If for some horrible reason we don’t make our goal in the next 3 weeks, we will refund all commitments to the hackerspace. If you know anyone that is interested, please share this information any way you feel appropriate.

If you have any questions, please contact me at d3c4f -at- [thisdomain] We’ll keep this post updated as new questions come in.

Thanks again! We hope to see everyone involved.

UPDATE 0: A couple people have asked for some pictures of the interior as well as the address of the new location. I am attaching a brochure to this post that includes all the details as well as a few pictures of the inside of one of the suites. The suite we are working on is Suite E.

UPDATE 1: Here’s a list of some of the building amenities:

  • RFID access control : 24x7x365 Access
  • Common Kitchen, Bathrooms (aka building maintained)
  • Large parking lot, that is mostly empty after 5pm and on weekends
  • Good Environmental Controls. No more warehouse hot/cold.
  • Full service. Everything but internet

UPDATE 2: Some things that theTransistor will have:

  • Internet! We are looking into a few options, but it should be something pretty good.
  • Networking to major areas, wifi for the rest.
  • Electronics Gear : Soldering Stations, Hot Air Rework Station, Misc. Spare Components
  • Electronics Diagnostic Gear : Multimeters, Oscilloscopes, etc
  • Hand tools. Screw drivers, pliers, diagonal cutters, etc.
  • 3d printer(s). Available to those that take some basic training
  • MAME Cabinet(s). We will be bringing in the 4 Player MAME cabinet to the public area
  • Lounge Stuff. Flat-Panel TV(s), Projectors, etc will be brought in again.
  • Classroom : Free to schedule. Will have desks, chairs, power, projector, etc.
  • Game Servers. We’ll be bringing back the games. :P
  • Library. The Transistor Physical Tech-Book Library.
  • Storage. ALL members will receive a small storage cube.
  • LAN Parties. Regularly scheduled LAN Parties.
  • Tech Meetings / Talks. Talks from the Open Source User Groups Communities.
  • VPS : We are working to get some of our server hardware reconfigured to provide each member with a VPS to do testing / etc on.
  • Private Desk areas will include a separate, locked room for each 6-8 Private Desk Members.
  • Security Cameras. We will have our security cameras up again. They should cover the entire space. This helps us provide a more secure environment for all members.
  • Group Projects. Those that have worked on these in the past, can confirm these are super fun.
  • Electronics / Hardware / Security talks : DC801 and theTransistor will be working on providing public talks / classes again. We can’t do this without a space. Help us, and we’ll try to help anyone interested.
  • COMMUNITY : The most important thing on this list! This space will allow us to help cross-interact with the Utah Open Source Community by providing a dedicated space for User Group Meetings. Plus it’s a great way to meet all kinds of interesting people. :)
  • Pranks! Always kind-hearted. And always funny.
  • Community Parties : We generally throw a Halloween and New Years Party.
  • Quiet Work Space* : Home offices can be a little too distracting sometimes. This is a great place to get away and get some work done! (*typically, before 9pm.)
  • HackerSpace Decor : BYO Posters, LED Lighting, etc. We’ll keep the space awesome!
  • Possible Small CNC Machines. d3c4f may bring his small CNC Mill/Lathe in for members to use.
  • Possible Laser Cutter. d3c4f may bring his in after we get going, or we may buy a new one.
  • Possible Vinyl Cutter. Again, this will be if there is space / time available.
  • Possibly the drill press and a few of the safer tools, as insurance will allow.

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DEFCON 22 Electronic Device / Party Entry

Ahhhh yissss! It’s FINALLY ready!

Time to purchase your DEFCON22 DC801/theTransistor “Party Badge”.

This year’s VIP device will be even cooler than before. Just as last year, the VIP device gets you immediate access into the party and express lane to the bar. Each purchase will also come with a +1 paper bracelet. We’ll have live music, lots of “31337” people to hang out with, a massive open bar, and more.

Most of the specifications for this years device are below in the graphic, and the purchase link is at the VERY bottom.

dc22 electronic device quick specs


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Un-Hiatusing! Meeting on the 31st!

Parker had a hatGood news everybody! We think we may have found a new space. We will be having a meeting in Orem at the BRC for anyone and everyone interested in being a part of this new iteration of our hackerspace.

If you are interested, please make sure to be at this meeting! We need aprox. 30-40 members to get this space up and running. Please see some of the details below, we’ll go into further details at the meeting.

autocadMeeting Place: UVU BRC [directions]
Date/Time: Saturday, May 31, 2014 4:00pm
Topic(s): theTransistor, UTOS, HotPot, the new Transistor video game
  (This meetup is for these topics only. Please no bringing up other hacker/makerspaces/organizations this time.)

Gordon Working on ZombiesWe are currently working on a new location in American Fork. We have a very awesome co-partner in this venture: Utah Open Source. This is a very exciting possibility, and we really would love for everyone to come out and show your support for this cause. To make this happen, we will need a lot of members.

The potential location is in American Fork, just off the freeway. It’s a great office building with good environmental controls, access control, building maintained bathrooms, kitchen, and more.

IMG_0045We are proposing 2 levels of membership. The standard $50 level which will give you 24x7x365 access to the hackerspace, as well as a small space to store your project(s). The upper level will be at a higher rate and include a dedicated desk area in a separate (locked) rooms which will house 6-7 members. As there will be a limited number of dedicated desk spaces, these will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis, and will require a 12 month commitment. Automatic withdrawal will be setup and required for membership. Accommodations for manual payments may be made in special cases.

d3caf and JocafaWe would also like to provide a good internet connection, and possibly a small VPS for each member. We will be bringing in electronics and software gear, as well as the MAME cabinet and a lot of the old gear. We won’t be providing a Metal Shop or a Wood Shop as the liability / insurance is just too high. At this point we don’t believe that we can SAFELY make these work.

mamecabinetOur suite will include 3 large office rooms (with lots of windows), a medium sized-classroom (600 sq.ft), another large office (with no windows), a huge main room, and a private bathroom (with a shower). I don’t know why we are mentioning the shower, but it will probably come in handy at some point.

Come to the meeting if this is something that you are interested in. We’d love to hear from everyone.

P.S. Yes, we are taking a group to Hot Pot afterwards, everyone is welcome to attend. Cost is about $15+tip. Please decide ahead of time if you are going. There is limited seating and we will be calling in a head-count at the first of the meeting.

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Protected: DEFCON 22 Electronic Device / Party Entry

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.



Thanks to Mindjuju, we have a meeting location in Orem! Here are the details:

Who: Anyone who is interested (public meeting)
Date/Time: Saturday, April 26th : 4pm-6pm
Place: UVU Business Resource Center
Address: 815 West 1250 South, Orem, UT 84057
Map: See

Topics: The future of theTransistor. Are we ready for a new physical location. What needs to be done, etc.
After 6pm: Dinner at Four Seasons Hot Pot in Provo for anyone that wants to come down. Cost is around $15 + tip.

Hope to see everyone there!

P.S. If you haven’t signed up for OpenWest conference yet, head over to and register! We’ll be there again this year with DC801 / 801Labs with some fun stuff to do.

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Black Friday LAN Party – Everyone is invited!

lpDon’t fight the crowds for terrible deals you can find online anyway. Grab your laptop (or desktop) and join us this Black Friday (Nov. 29th) for our final event in Orem. Games start at 2pm and go until we are done. Bring your friends, family, etc. Everyone is welcome. We have room for about 50. We’ll also be making a HotPot run around 6-7pm for those interested.
EDIT: Forgot some people might need an address:
1187 s 1480 w
Orem, UT 84058

Things you will want to bring:

  • Computer or Laptop
  • Power Strip
  • Headphones
  • Food, or money for food. (Bring $15 + tip for Hot Pot if you want to go).
  • Up to date list of curse words
  • BYOB(ooze)

We’ll Provide:

  • Heating
  • Electricty
  • Game Servers
    • TF2
    • Quake 3
    • UT3
    • Maybe a few others also
  • Internet access
  • Tables / Seating (If you have a special chair you are welcome to bring your own
  • Your mom jokes and admin-abuse
  • Good company


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Shutting Down

We are shutting down. At least for a while.

The SLC Location will become a new hackerspace; keep your eyes out here for updates if you are interested.

The Orem space will be closed entirely for at least 3-6 months if not longer. If we choose to re-open it will likely be a much smaller location and will probably be in the American Fork / Lehi Area; we’ll post updates here.

Thanks again to everyone that helped make the last 5 years a total blast! We’ll keep the IRC channels and member-VM(s) active, and we’ll see you after the break! :)


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Learn a new programming language night: Node.JS

Free Class: node.js
2013/09/12 @ 7:00 pm

Come join us for “Learn a New Programming Language Night”. This month AJ will be presenting node.js

Stop on by, bring a friend, and see why node.js is gaining such a rapid following.

“Node.js is a platform built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications. Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices.”

You are (highly) encouraged to bring a laptop to follow along. WiFi will be available.

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Lua : Public, Learn a new programming Language Night

Where: Orem Transistor
When: Thursday, June 13th 7:00pm-10:00pm
This Month: Lua
Presented By: Levi (and possible co-presenter)

“A hands-on introduction to the Lua language, and we’ll be using it in the context of writing a simple 2d graphical game. Although it’s the most common scripting language in the game industry, it’s also the scripting language of nmap, wireshark, and MANY more.”

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OpenWest CTF Results

Congratulations to all the winners of this year’s CTF competition!
Thank you to all those who participated.

“Attack A Box” Results:
1st place – DoctorUnicorn (16 Flags)
2nd place – wlemmon (15 flags)
3rd place – bretep (14 flags)

“OpenCTF” Results:
1st place – DoctorUnicorn (4640 points)
2nd place – gr0undZ3r0 (1500 points)
3rd place – wlemmon (1000 points)

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OpenWest CTF Information

This post is here to provide some information on our CTF Games currently running at OpenWest conference. These are ran and organized by theTransistor and DC801.

You absolutely do NOT need to have previous experience to participate. Everyone starts somewhere, and these are great skills to learn.

We are running 2 games:
Attack-A-Box and OpenCTF
The Attack-A-Box is a live exploitable server environment, and the OpenCTF is a jeopardy-style challenge-based game board. We will be running BOTH of these games the entirety of the OpenWest conference; from Thursday through the end of Saturday.

1st Prize: Laser cut plaque, bragging rights, and One Month free membership at theTransistor.
2nd Prize: Laser cut plaque, bragging rights, and a gift card
3rd Prize: Laser cut plaque, and bragging rights
Prizes are PER game. (So there are 2 first-place winners, 2 second-place winners, and so on)

Attacking Environment
If you aren’t familiar with CTF, you may not have the tools that you need to participate. Don’t worry, we should have you covered. We have a stack of live-boot CDs with Kali Linux on them. Please ask us if you need one, or if you have any further questions on the CTF.

Registration and leader-boards
OpenCTF Registration is located at:
Attack-A-Box Registration is located at:

These will be the servers that you register on, submit flags to, and check the leader-boards on.

Flags and Scoring
To capture a flag (how you get points) you will need to find the flag on the servers that you exploit. There may also be flag hidden in other places of the game. We’ll leave that up to you to figure out what that means.

Each flag is a SHA1 hash or a PNG file containing a QR code. To capture a SHA1 hash flag, you simply copy the hash and paste it into the scoring server under your login (which you will create). To capture a QR type flag, you will need to first decode the flag (typically via cell phone or linux library), and then paste the result into the scoring server to claim.

Network Structure and Etiquette Scoring and Game Board: Do NOT attempt to hack this network. This is used by all players to register for the games, capture flags, and view the leaderboards. Your email is required only for us to get any potential prizes to you. Public Network: Do NOT attempt to hack this network please. This includes ARP spoofing / etc. This is the network that you will plug your machines into. This is also the network that all the other players connect on. Malicious Network: ATTACK! This is the network that contains the servers that you will be attacking for glory, prizes, and maybe even a pat on the back. See Instructions below for each games information:

OpenCTF Specific Information
Scoring, Gameboard, and Registration at:
The OpenCTF game is a jeopardy-style gameboard located at To play you will need to:
1) Register (email is ONLY so that we can contact you if you win a prize)
2) Visit the gameboard, and solve some challenges!
3) Once you solve a challenge, you will need to submit the answers to the questions.
4) ???
5) Profit.

Attack-A-Box Specific Information
Scoring, Leader-Boards, and Registration at:
The Attack-A-Box is a network of servers located on the network. The goal is to break into the servers (totally legal, we give you permission!), and find the flags. Flag are either SHA1 style keys in files, packets, etc or QR codes (as PNG files) that you will need to scan (or run through a QR decoder) and then submit the result to get your points. It usually goes something like this:
1) Boot into Kali Linux (we have live-boot DVDs, if you need one), or your choice of Security-Based OS.
2) Use NMAP to scan the network for servers with open ports.
2.1) Use Wireshark to capture data to and from your computer if you wish.
3) With your server / port list in hand you can now attempt to exploit services that may be vulnerable. Network share on a server? Connect to it and see what’s there. VNC port open? Try to connect with default settings. Maybe you have discovered a password somewhere. If you know metasploit, there may be an exploit you can run against it (or any other services).
4) Once you have found a flag, submit it!
5) Profit. Get in the top 3 on either (or both!) leader-boards to win cool stuff!

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