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Our first CTF

We had the opportunity to participate in our first CTF competition in Salt Lake this last Saturday. It was a lot of fun, we learned quite a bit about employing and defending against exploits through actual application.

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Things have been busy at the Transistor lately, but many fun and cool updates are on the way! We are currently trying to restructure the space by rearranging the desks in order to create more space. Hopefully this will clear …

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Fun with vacuums

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We’re being discovered

We had the pleasure of having some organizers of Craft Lake City visit the Transistor and they made this excellent video about us.

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Defcon 20!

It’s that time of year again! Defcon 20 is coming up soon and the Transistor is going to be there. Track us down to say hello and score some shwag. See you there!

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Visitors from the Chaos Computer Club

We had the pleasure of having Sebastian and Daniel from C3D2 Dresden in Germany come visit us at the transistor a few weeks ago.

They were really great to have. We quite enjoyed their visit, as they taught us a few new skills, and we all had a fantastic time.

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Free Class: Composite Materials and Laminates

The Transistor will be holding an entry level class on plastic reinforced fiber laminates. The class will cover construction of basic structures, mold preparation, and vacuum bagging. We’ll also be talking about mechanical properties, different kinds of composite materials, the benefits of composite structures, as well as cutting and machining difficulties. Kits will be provided for $20. Kits will include resin, carbon cloth, 2 kinds of glass fiber cloth, vacuum bagging materials, and other items necessary for laying-up a 5 inch square laminate.

Please send an email to Clay [AT] thetransistor [DOT] com if you would like to reserve a kit.

Note: The resins we will be using will more than likely ruin any clothing they come into contact with, dress accordingly.

This is a FREE, public class. We will start at 6:30pm on February the 4th.

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Free Class: 2.4GHz biquad antennas

We’re doing a class on 2.4ghz biquad antennas and that there will be kits available. Each kit will consist of the hardware to make the actual antenna, and one satellite dish. We won’t include any cables or adapters in the kits at this point. An update with the price of the kits will be posted soon.

This is a FREE, public class. We will start around 5:00pm on January the 7th, and should run between 30-60 minutes.

Make: Provo is held the first Saturday of each month, unless otherwise noted. It runs from 4:00pm-10:00pm. We try to offer a free class each month. Bring your projects to show off and your questions to ask.

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Hacking cheap RFID readers

RFID readers on prototype supply places are expensive. There are many cool applications for the technology, but cheap readers that include documentation and a standard interface are impossible to find.

I decided to confront this problem. I found and ordered a cheap 125kHz reader off  eBay for around ten bucks.

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Tim has completed the Prusa! Bill (the authority on 3D printers in Utah) came down to check it out and gave his seal of approval. The prints are already impressive quality.

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We’ve had some exciting new developments. Thanks to the efforts of our members, the transistor has acquired computers for the public work space!

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DEFCON – Pictures

Defcon was awesome. We had a lot of fun, learned a lot, and it was an excellent opportunity to see what other hackerspaces were doing.

More pictures after the break.

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The transistor is attending defcon! We have a limited amount of Transistor stickers we’ll be passing out so track us down if you’d like to score one.


We’ve gotten quite a bit done at the transistor; this last week we completed the tables for the public work area, and it’s looking great.

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The great folks over at PJRC generously donated seven teensy 2.0 dev boards to The Transistor. We’re going to set them up in the public work area so visitors without a dev board can have an opportunity to try their hand at microcontroller development.

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