About tT

About The Transistor
The Transistor is a Hackerspace headquartered in Orem, UT. We also have an established Midvale, Ut Chapter and a SLC, Ut Chapter that is just beginning. We are a community of tinkerers, gamers, programmers, infosecers, hex editors, general DIYers, and so on. We love all things OpenSource and DIY. Our primary goal at the Transistor is to be able to provide a space for members to work on and store projects, hang out, build community and have a generally good time.

We like to see what other local hackers are up to which is why we host monthly public meetings. Check the calendar page for up-to-date scheduling. These public events usually consist of free “classes”. Topics include; all things Linux, 3d Printing, composites, Robotics, RC, InfoSec, Programming, and more. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend. If you have a current project you are working on, feel free to bring it and show off. We love seeing new people and hearing about the local hacker scene.

Some of the old public meetings (ran under the Make name) can still be found on our site over at MakeProvo.com.

We began as HackSLC, a hackerspace in Murray, UT in October of 2009, sharing space in a huge warehouse. We originally tried for a sort of ‘small-scale TechShop’ style hackerspace with shared tools and limited storage split among many members. Unfortunately due to lack of members and being in a location much bigger than we needed, we were unable to sustain this plan. In December 2009 we found a new location closer to most of our founding members in Provo, UT and by January 2010 we had moved our copious amounts of electronics, tools and furniture to our new attic location. Now we’re constantly rearranging, adding tools and machinery, and improving the space, so it’s worth checking in from time to time if only to see what new feats we have accomplished.

In June of 2012, we added our first additional Chapter in Midvale, Ut. It has also quickly filled past capacity, and as we add on our third Chapter in SLC, we are looking at expanding our Midvale location.

On November 1, 2012, we moved our headquarters from the 1500 sq.ft attic in Provo, Ut to a 5000 sq.ft. warehouse in Orem, Ut. We look forward to continue to be a part of this awesome community.

Method of Operation
Originally ran under a couple people’s names, The Transistor has been a registered LLC since January 2012. We operate on a popular vote method dictated by our monthly members meetings. All members have equal voice. All members are welcome to view our financials at any time. Just talk to Jerry.

It also helps to keep in mind that we do this for fun, don’t expect TOO MUCH organization. ;)

Visiting & Tours
We love visitors, if you would like a tour of the space, or just want to come hang out and see what’s going on, please contact us.

A big thanks to all the help we have had throughout the years from the community. Thanks for all the support; we’ll continue to organize, grow, educate, be educated, and do our best to give back to this awesome community.

Starting 2013/12/01 we will be going on Hiatus for an unspecified amount of time. We will be closing the Orem location, and the SLC location will be branching into a new hackerspace called “801 Labs”. We would like to thank all of our past members for 5 years of fun, learning, and pranks. :)