Laser Cutter: Beta Setup

After literally WEEKS of waiting, our Full Spectrum Laser Cutter is finally here! (They delivered on time, we are being sarcastic. <3 these guys.) This is a brand new model, the "New Hobby Laser” if you will, which expands the cutting area, increases the resolution and accuracy, has an updated CO2 laser tube, and even has a removable bottom!

After visiting Full Spectrum Laser while we were attending DEFCON 20, we were informed by Jason Pong (Senior Laser Applications Consultant) that they had a brand new laser out that is designed and assembled in the USA right there, in their warehouse, in ultra-hot Las Vegas. Looking at the new model and the old model there was no comparison. The new model is amazing and worth every penny. Jason was great and took the time to show us around their shops, and demo a few of their lasers for us. Any concerns that they wouldn’t be as good as their competitors lasers were quickly alleviated.

Jason took the time to run through a few demos and showed us all the cool stuff that had been done on their lasers. REALLY impressive stuff. And the new laser is VERY well designed with an extruded Aluminum frame and easily serviceable parts. The bottom line is that if you want a laser in the $2000 – $3500 range that will preform just as well as a $15000 laser from one of the “Big Guys”, but don’t want a cheap ebay laser, you aren’t going to have any regrets with one of these.

As far as support and parts, they are just a phone call away and have been AWESOME taking our calls. Also, I should mention that the software is SOOO easy to use. Any hacker should be able to figure it out in a few minutes.

We’ll do another post with some more technical details and operating procedures later, but for now here are some quick pictures of our initial run.

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