CMKT 4 returns! Special classes open to the Public!

CMKT 4 returns to The Transistor, Provo’s Hackerspace Friday, May 25, 2012 7:00pm until 10:00pm!

Join the members of the circuit-bent rock band CMKT4 for a workshop on building your very own EconoMIC Bottle Cap Contact Microphone (from Creme DeMentia). CMKT4 will show you how to solder up a piezo-electric pickup and house it sturdily in a recycled bottle-cap housing of their own design! Stick around for a set from the band as the tool-handle dip on your freshly built contact microphone dries. Additional take-home kits and other surprises will be available, come build a mic and see and hear some of the circuit-bent instruments you’ve read about on up close. Bring your own instruments and objects to amplify!

Build an EconoMIC Bottle-Cap Contact Mic with CMKT 4 $15

Circuit-bending rock trio CMKT 4 will help students build a sturdy, working piezoelectric pickup using components and recycled materials. The band will help you learn to solder and ensure your success in building the kit. The comic book instructions will help guide you through their special process of soldering, drilling, gluing, zipping, and dipping – Voila! You are the proud owner and maker of your very own EconoMIC Bottle-Cap Contact Microphone (from Creme DeMentia). This simple transducer will create an audio signal from physical vibrations – like an electric stethoscope! Stick around for a performance from the band while the tool-handle dip dries!

Circuit-Bending 101: Build a Bending Buddy $15

Circuit-bending rock trio CMKT 4 never want you to bend circuits alone – that’s why they’ve developed The Bending Buddy. Want to learn the basics of circuit-bending but don’t know much about electronics? Building a Bending Buddy will introduce necessary skills for circuit-bending – soldering, reading a schematic, drilling, mounting components, wiring. Once you’ve built your Bending Buddy, you’ll be prepared to embark on a journey of discovery, using it to probe battery-operated circuits and divine new sounds. The comic book instructions and informational packet will help you understand broader concepts of circuit-bending – different types of bends, understanding components, building simple control circuits, bread-boarding and proto-boarding.

Build Mr. Mixer $25

Circuit-bending rock trio CMKT 4 want to introduce you to their new friend, Mr. Mixer. Mr. Mixer is a simple 4 channel passive mixer built from components and recycled materials. Students will build Mr. Mixer from comic instructions with help form the band. Mr. Mixer will allow students to mix together different audio sources to a single audio signal. The kit also introduces students to the magic of CdS or Photo Cells, which translate light into resistance. The Photocells will act as faders on the mixer, allowing students to duck sounds in and out, changing their volume with light!


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