Free Class: Composite Materials and Laminates

The Transistor will be holding an entry level class on plastic reinforced fiber laminates. The class will cover construction of basic structures, mold preparation, and vacuum bagging. We’ll also be talking about mechanical properties, different kinds of composite materials, the benefits of composite structures, as well as cutting and machining difficulties. Kits will be provided for $20. Kits will include resin, carbon cloth, 2 kinds of glass fiber cloth, vacuum bagging materials, and other items necessary for laying-up a 5 inch square laminate.

Please send an email to Clay [AT] thetransistor [DOT] com if you would like to reserve a kit.

Note: The resins we will be using will more than likely ruin any clothing they come into contact with, dress accordingly.

This is a FREE, public class. We will start at 6:30pm on February the 4th.

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