Take on the Machine – The Transistor

Enjoy! We promise to openSource everything once we get it a little more sorted. Pictures / build logs / parts lists / specifications will be posted soon. (Forgive the quick write-up.) While the game worked great, we do have future plans (hints below).

VIMBY – Take On the Machine: The Transistor

Additional Information:
3/4 Guns completed: Sniper Rifle, 6 Shooter, SMG
– Sniper Rifle has laser sight, does critical damage, 1 shot between reloads
– 6 Shooter does medium damage, 6 shots between reloads, Auto or manual slide reload
– SMG does light damage, 20 shots, fully automatic, Auto or manual reload
– Shotgun (not enough time to finish) does wide area medium damage, 2 shots, Auto or manual reload
Each gun uses a Minimalist Arduino (with a custom Gorduino board, etched in house) and a laser pointer as the main components. Each gun also features adjustable sighting, individual gun tracking (for points, etc), and a ‘Bullet Countdown’ shown in green LEDs on the gun. Each gun is also programmed with adjustable reload times and bullet power settings.

6/12 Zombies completed:
Each zombie contains an XBee (for wireless bi-directional communication with the brain), an RC car body (to be replaced later with custom laser-cut or 3d-printed vehicular bases), Minimalist Arduino (again a custom Gorduino board, etched in house), a couple status LED’s, a Laser hit detector, 4 limit switches (one for each side) and a Compass module. Each zombie connects to the brain (iMac G3 running linux, source Code coming) to relay status information, and to take instructions on movement, etc.

Playing field information:
The current playing field is 12′ wide x 16′ deep and has 3 buildings, each with movie references on them. We decided to pay homage not just to “Shaun of the Dead,” but to several Edgar Wright productions. The business names on our buildings include “Shaun and Ed’s Gardening Supply,” “Big Al’s Pets: Dogs Can’t Look Up,” “The Sanford Police Department: For the Greater Good,” “Tim’s Comic Shop,” and “Scott Pilgrim’s Music.” We plan to add more internal building lighting and windows to give the illusion of a living city in the future.

Zombie Brain information:
The zombie brain is an iMac G3 that was picked up at a local 2nd hand store for $15. After a couple focus adjustments, and a custom linux install it was ready to go. It also contains an XBee wireless module that interfaces over USB to relay information back and forth to the all zombies using a custom protocol we developed (Source code to be released in the futures!).

Game information:
The metrics of the game are still being updated. The basic idea is that you can have up to 4 players (one per gun) protecting the bar. If the zombie reach the bar it’s game over. Detection is done with another laser, detector, Xbee, and a mirror. The defenders job is to shoot the wave of zombies that increase in numbers as the levels progress. Scoring is also kept by the brain for later review. Also, a ‘Boss Zombie’ is in the works.

Stay posted for future information, we plan on keeping this project alive.

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