Upcoming group project: MAME CABINET!

Project the first: MAME Cabinet(s)

theTransistor has been commissioned to create a MAME cabinet for a local business. Their employees will spend many a break using this machine. ( All games will be licensed of coarse. )

We will have a parts budget of around $1000.00 to complete this build, and we will cover the entire process from the ground up. Here is an estimated timeline:

Week 1 (Jul. 17): Planning and Research
Week 2 (Jul. 24): Design the cabinet in Autocad
Week 3 (Jul. 31): Order parts / Prepare artwork in Illustrator / Photoshop
Week 4 (Aug. 7): Get parts back from CNC, Build cabinet
Week 5 (Aug. 14): Internal Assemblies
Week 6 (Aug. 21): Final Assemblies / Artwork Installation / Completion

The panels will be CNCed, we will order professional artwork. This will be a good 1st group project for the space. Come be a part!

This project will be open to the public. Come and watch or help. Just show up to Arduino / Electronics night and ask. Currently Saturdays 6pm to 9pm.

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